What You Should Know Before You Buy or Adopt a Parrot As Pet
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What You Should Know Before You Buy or Adopt a Parrot As Pet

Before you buy or adopt or buy a parrot it is best to educate yourself about their behavior, how to care for them and which kind of parrot fits best with your lifestyle. It is also important to know which vaccinations your parrot needs and choose an avian vet which has experience with parrots.

Parrots may look cute and adorable and many people consider these animals as the perfect pet. Parrots are either wild animals and don’t have pet qualities which cats and dogs have. Parrots are used to live in the wild for millions of years and are only since a few decades kept as pets. Buying or adopting a parrot is a life-time commitment and you have to consider about the consequences before you choose a parrot as pet.

Here are some important things you should know before you take the final decision to take a parrot as pet:

*Inform about the characteristics of the species of parrots

There are more than 350 species of parrots and it is important you inform about the characteristics to know which kind of parrot you best choose to keep as pet. Different species of parrots have different needs, another behavior and some may not suitable if you have children in your home. There are also differences in the food they need and it is important the parrot you want to keep as pet fits with your lifestyle.

*Intelligent animals

People may choose parrots as pet because these animals are highly intelligent and are often attracted through some amazing capacities, for example talking. It is either not so that all species of parrots can talk and people are often disappointed when they don’t succeed to learn their parrot talking. Some parrots can only produce some sounds and are not be able to learn talking words. Some popular parrots which are really good in talking words are Amazon Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Parakeets, Eclectus, and Quaker Parrots. It is either not so that parrots have the ability to speak words; they only reproduce human speech and are not be able to start a conversation with someone.

*A lifetime commitment

Before you consider to buy or adopt a parrot it is important to know that some species of parrots can reach the age between 60 and 80 years, for example amazons, macaws. Some other and often smaller species can live between 15 and 30 years, for example the lovebird, cockatiels etc. It is important to know you have to care for them for a long time and it is possible you need to arrange something if you die earlier than your parrot.

*Parrots are social animals


Parrots are social animals and like company. It is preferable to place the cage of your parrot in the place where you often are, for example the living room, the kitchen or any other place where family members are most of the time. It is often also a good idea to replace the cage of your parrot to another room if you move for a long time to another room. It is sometimes recommended to buy a pair of parrots, for example the love bird if you can’t spend at least one hour a day with your parrot. Some kind of parrots can be aggressive if you leave them for a long time alone. Without the necessary attention, they can develop behavior problem and it is really important to be sure if you can give the necessary attention before you buy or adopt a parrot as pet.

*Parrots are prey animals

Parrots are from nature prey animals. They are used to live in the wild and were often prey for other animals. That is why they are always alert and often stressed. When parrots are kept as pet, they will act the same when in fear and bite. If you give them the necessary attention; it is perfect to have a loving companionship with your parrot. It is either important you don’t abuse your parrot or make your parrot afraid to prevent your parrot revert in its wild behaviors. It is really important you inform a little bit of parrot behavior before you decide to buy or adopt a parrot as pet.

*The diet of your parrot

A parrot needs a variation of vegetables, fruit, pellets, seeds and nuts to stay healthy. Fresh vegetables are recommended in addition to the pellets which your parrot will daily eat. Vegetables which are high in fiber, for example celery and lettuce are useful but it is better to give your parrot dark yellow and leafy green vegetables. It is always best to give a well balanced diet with as well vegetables as fruits (for example Papaya, kiwi, cranberry, pine apple etc.). Of course drinking water is a necessity and may improve the general health of your parrot.

*The cage of your parrot

It is best to buy a large and professional made cage of your parrot. Your parrot needs space and it is necessary your parrot can move, fly and climb in its cage. Your parrot needs enough space to flap his wings and fly around. It is also important the cage is large enough to put some toys your parrot can use in the cage. The material used for your parrot’s cage is stainless steel. It is also important to provide bars which are sturdy enough so that he can’t bite him and escape out its cage. It is not necessary to have bars which are so far from each other that your parrot can put its head through the bars.

*The time you need for your parrot

Before you want to buy or adopt a parrot as pet you need to know how much time you have to spend daily for your parrot. You don’t need only to spend time with your parrot; you also need to clean the cage, the play environment and some other places in the house where your parrot may play and it is important to know parrots can be very messy. It is possible you need to spend interacting with your parrot between two and three hours daily.

*Incorporating a parrot in your family

A parrot can only be the perfect pet for you if also your family members want to accept this bird where you live. They also need to give the necessary attention, love and need to be prepared to spend time with your parrot. When you have children, you always need to ensure you buy or adopt a parrot which is child friendly, for example Squawkers Mc Caw, Cockatiels, Meyer’s parrots, the parakeet etc. African Greys and Amazons are beautiful parrots for adults but you best avoid buying or adopting these parrots if you have children.

A parrot as pet can brighten your life if your other family members have the willingness to accept such bird in their house. Before you buy or adopt or buy a parrot it is best to educate yourself about their behavior, how to care for them and which kind of parrot fits best with your lifestyle. It is also important to know which vaccinations your parrot needs and choose an avian vet which has experience with parrots.

It is often the best decision to adopt a parrot from a parrot rescue institution than buying one from a pet shop. It is much cheaper, you save the time to teach your parrot how to talk and you are better informed about possible behavior problems.

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Comments (12)

Excellent guide for bird keepers, Erik.

So much here I didn't know! Very good work. Voted and appreciated.

Great factoidz. I didn't know that there are 350 species of parrots. Wow is it that much? I love parrots and their colors. they are are one the loveliest birds I know. Thanks for sharing.

I completely agree with the need to learn about the species before making the commitment. I have a black capped caique Brazillian parrot. He is my heart. I love this little bird. Life expectancy is 40 years and he is a handful, there was a LOT I had to learn and one of those things was how not to get bitten. I did not learn stuff before I purchased, so my learning curve was a bit difficult, because of my commitment to animals in general, I knew I would get through it. But others might not and that is how an unwanted animal gets thrown back into the fray.

Parrots are cute...Thanks, your ideas are great!

Ranked #8 in Birds

Thanks for the postitive comments

God article! This is a great reference for anyone who's not familiar with parrots.

Excellent tips for bird lovers

Ranked #2 in Birds

Parrots are hard work, not a beginner birders pet.. not a pet for somebody who is not home alot either as they are such social animals. retweeted!

Ranked #8 in Birds


Excellent information.

Very thorough and interesting. When I was a little girl there was a neighbor who had a parrot. Every morning when the milkman would come down the street the parrot would start screaching "Here comes the milkman" "Here comes the milkman" over and over again. I could hear him three doors up in the summer time! It is a good memory.