Toucans Make Great Unusual Pets
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Toucans Make Great Unusual Pets

Toucans are awesome pets. They are so beautiful they do not look real. They come in so many bright colors. They are sweet and loving and they love to be hugged. "Tucan Sam" the Fruit Loop bird made the Toucan popular. The Toco toucan is the sweetest and most loving of all the toucan.

If you want something unusual get a loving toucan.  Be sure to get one that has been hand fed.    Toco toucans are the most loving of all the toucans and make the best Pets.

Toucans eat mainly fruits so they are called “soft-billed” because of this.  They do like an occasional insect as a treat.  This has nothing to do with how soft or how hard their beak is.    In captivity Toucans do well on a diet of 50 percent low iron Softbill pellets and 50 percent chopped fruits.  You can feed your Toucan melon, apple, papaya, grapes and blueberries without any problem.  They should never be fed any citrus.

At one time Toucans were thought to be fragile and not to live very long.  Their short life was usually due to iron storage in the liver.  If Toucans are fed a proper diet they can live to be 25 years old.

Most Toucan species are much quieter than parrots.  They do not yell, shriek or squawk.  They do not chew or pluck themselves.  They are not susceptible to most viral or bacterial problems that affect parrots.  If fed properly Toucans are very hardy birds.

If a baby toucan is hand raised and worked with while very young they can make a great pet.  Toucans require a large cage with a lot of room.  A large macaw sized cage will work.  Indoor and outdoor aviaries are great.  They do need room so they can fly.

Toucan droppings clean up easily and there is no odor.  They do not squirt like some Lories do.  There are no seed hulls to clean up so they will make a great easy to keep pet bird to keep indoors.

Toucans do not talk but their great personality makes up for it.  Toucans can be playful, learn tricks and catch grapes thrown from across the room.  They are everything you could wish for in a pet bird.

Pet toucans can be very affectionate.  They love to be handled and they will soon become a loved part of your family.

The largest and most wanted of all the Toucans is the Toco.  Tocos are beautiful birds.  They have the sweetest temperament of all the Toucans.  It is hard to believe Tocos are real because they look fake.  They are so beautiful with their stunning orange bill with black highlights, their sky blue eye ring and to their red rumps.

Keel Bill Toucans are very popular because of “Toucan Sam” the Fruit Loop bird.  Their body and beaks are smaller than the Tocos but they have all the colors of the rainbow.  They are more active and feistier than Tocos.

Swainson toucans are the most available in the U.S.  They are the noisiest of the Toucans.  Emerald Toucanets are green and smaller than the Toucans.  Guyana Toucanets are a blend of blues, reds and other colors.  Green Aracaris are one of the smallest of all Toucans.  Green Aracaris are great for apartment living.  They are excellent for your first toucan.

Toucans are good pets for the right person.  Having one as a pet will give you hours of enjoym

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Ranked #2 in Birds

I wrote an article on Toucans just the other day too, my husband has been a fan of Toucans, Toucanets and Acaris for years.

AWESOME review of toucans! I want one!! ;-)