Tips on Making Your Own Finch Thistle Bird Feeder
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Tips on Making Your Own Finch Thistle Bird Feeder

If you enjoy the presence of birds in your yard, you need to provide the appropriate food for type of bird you enjoy watching. If you love the small finch, you can easily make a thistle bird feeder in just minutes.

Birds are a beautiful part of nature and many people enjoy their presence. There are so many varieties of birds that may frequent your yard. The types of feed you present may help welcome a certain type of bird into you’re your yard. One very special little bird is the finch. Finches are very social tiny birds that come in an assortment of vivid colors. These friendly little splashes of color in nature bring so much joy to the avid bird watcher. Providing special thistle feeders keeps the finches in your yard without the apprehension of sharing their food with larger birds. Larger varieties of birds cannot usually access seeds from tiny holes in a finch feeder. Making a thistle feeder can be very easy and inexpensive.

In order to make a simple thistle finch bird feeder, purchase fresh garlic in the mesh bag to use for personal cooking needs. The bag that it comes in, usually found in the produce department of the supermarket, is a perfect tiny mesh bag for use in this project.

Remove the garlic from the mesh bag. Any tiny mesh bag of this sort with tiny holes makes for a perfect thistle feeder.

Trim the paper tag very carefully that comes at the top of the garlic bag and keep the sealing intact where this tag is actually sewn to the bag.

Turn the bag inside out and fill with the thistle seed. Do not overfill so that you can tie the top of the bag shut in kind of a half bow. The point is to tie it in such a way that you can untie it yourself to refill it as needed.

At this point, you are ready to set your feeder outside. Tie a cord, string or shoelace to the top of the feeder, again in such a way to give you the option to untie it when you need to refill the bag.

Hang your new feeder from a tree branch or somewhere amongst the greenery in your yard where the finches feel safe. In time, you will have a wide variety of colorful finches enjoying thistle seed from your simple and successful homemade thistle feeder.

Make and hang multiple feeders to keep more finches coming to your yard.

Further tip - If you do not use garlic, you can also use the leg from pantyhose, cut at the top of the leg and a couple of inches above the foot. Tie it off and turn inside out to fill.


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john miller

you have pop up adds on this site that you can't close and so you cannot read the text.

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I do not know why that has happened to you. Trust me, it is not my doing. However, when responding to you, I did not notice anything that interferes with the text in the article. Maybe there was just an error on the site at the time. Thanks