The Hawk-Head Parrot Makes a Wonderful Pet
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The Hawk-Head Parrot Makes a Wonderful Pet

The Hawk head parrot is a wonderful pet for some people They will raise their neck feathers when they are excited and it looks like and Indian head dress. They can develop a large vocabulary. When they get bored they can become very loud. They require a lot of toys of many different types to keep them happy.

The most unusual thing about the Hawk-Headed parrot is that when it gets excited it raises the feathers on its neck and they resemble an Indian headdress.

If a Hawk-head is properly socialized and hand fed, he will make a great pet.  If they are happy they can be very affectionate and playful. Some of them are very good talkers and will develop very large vocabularies.

They will play like a Conure parrot and they love to hang upside down to play with their toys.  They will entertain you and themselves for hours with their funny actions.

A had fed Hawk-headed parrot that is gently trained and given loving attention by its owner will be a well behave companion parrot.  They are recommended for experienced for a person that knows how to interpret bird body language.  A Hawk head parrot can be sweet, loving and calm one minute, upset, and aggressive the next.

At times, the Hawk head parrot can be very stubborn and strong willed.  You must be gentle but firm with them when you are training them. Some of them have a tendency to nip the people they care about.  They will bite people they do not trust.  If you provide them with what they need you will be able to develop a good relationship with your parrot.

When a bird does not have a healthy diet and does not get enough sleep, he will have behavior problems.  They need 11 to 14 hours of sleep in a quiet dark room every night and a healthy diet to be happy.

When your parrot is bored, he will screech so you must give him many toys and spend a lot of time with him.  You must get your bird the kind of toys he likes and enjoys playing with.  Some Hawk heads like wood toys that they can chew and some like bells and toys they can shred.  Some Hawk heads like all types of toys.

Make sure your Hawk heads home is large enough cage that will hold plenty of toys for him to play with.  A bored parrot can develop terrible behavior problems.

The Hawk head can be very loud when he is excited.  Some of them will learn to say a few words by the time they are two months old.  This parrot does require a lot of time spent with its owner.  They make a very good pet for some people and will provide hours of entertainment to their owner.

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Birds are certainlly not suitable for everyone, I was glad you said "some" people.  I have never had a parrot of this type.