Red Bellied Parrots Are Great Fun Pets
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Red Bellied Parrots Are Great Fun Pets

Red Bellied Parrots are a small African parrot that is very loveable and social. They love to be around people. They will imitate human voices before they are weaned. They are usually able to say a few words when they are three months old. They love to talk, whistle and show off.

Red Bellied Parrots are a small African parrot.  They will try to imitate human voices before they are weaned and they can say a few words or a phrase by the time they are three months old.  They love to imitate whistles and can learn to whistle a tune on a verbal command.  They are very easy to train and with patience and a lot of repetition they can learn to do things on command such as whistle, talk and flap their wings.  They are very cuddly and a joy to own.

They will need a cage that is at least 20x20 with horizontal bars on two sides for easy climbing.  If you can get your bird a larger cage, it would be very good as he would have more room and he would have plenty of room for many toys.

Place the cage in a room where everyone hangs out, as they are very social birds and do not like to be alone.  Your bird will whistle and call your name if he does not see you.  This parrot prefers to be near people at all times.

Red Bellied parrots enjoy a varied diet that includes a seed mix with safflower.  They need fresh fruit and vegetables added to their diet.  They should only be fed formulated diets as a supplement not as the only food.  Red Bellied parrots enjoy having corn, peas, spinach, parsley, fresh peppers, green beans, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas and many other fruits and vegetables.  Their vegetables can be fresh or frozen but never canned.  Some birds like red chili peppers.  Never feed your bird avocados, as they are toxic to birds.

These birds are very social and like to show off.  They will let everyone know what new words, whistles and phrases that they have added to their vocabulary.  These birds love attention and being around people.  They will do whatever they have to for attention from their owner.

The Red Bellied parrot is very easy to train.  They are very interested in anything they can do with their owners.  They love toys with bells and they will ring the bell to get your attention.  They love to dangle upside down from the roof of their cage by one toe.

 If you decide, you want a Red Bellied parrot you will not regret it.  Your Red bellied parrot will give you hours of entertainment with all the funny things he will do.

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Thanks for this information on parrots, my husband is the bird fan in our home, we will be getting some doves or pigeons this weekend, as far as parrots go, he prefers softbills to parrots.