Rainbow Lorikeets
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Rainbow Lorikeets

This article looks at Rainbow Lorikeets and their flight behaviour in the wild.They have certain ways about them they are instilled as a kind that protects themselves from predators. The lorikeet is blessed with a rapid flight and they are seen in pairs or in a flock . Within the city people may like to breed from this little character. They make great pets and can whistle and can be taught to talk as well.

Rainbow lorikeets have an array of wonderful colours much like a rainbow. They are very rapid in flight and are usually seen in pairs or in large groups, for safety in numbers. In the wild as in national parks, they can be very tame by all accounts and love a feed. In these large parklands where there is luscious plant life water and trees, there is plentiful cover for them to shield from a predator or larger bird. It is not east to tell which are male and which are female from first sight. While some people may think, they know at times it seems these efforts are futile. The most accurate way in which to tell is to see the male dance about in front of the female. He exudes a prowess much as you see in the wild of nature.

If a person has, a wish to have lorikeets in the home it would be good to buy some young ones. It is best to be able to handle with care, as the beak can be sharp. Once the bird is used to you it will be able to feel confident as they chirp and copy speech. Some words are easier for them to pronounce than others due to the simple sounds in language are. They need to feel some freedom rather than being cooped up in a cage and will show appreciation.

In large parks, Lorikeets have favourite trees such as a gum tree or bottlebrush. They have an unmistaken chatter noise, which is easy to identify. They can be seen in most parks and waterways. National parks are another favourite where lots of animals and birds mix. They are quite tame in these surrounding and are used to seeing people in large numbers. When they are fed, it is a definite attraction as they fly towards the feeding areas.

Breeding these birds should be simple procedure, as these birds are known to mate together for life. As long as they have ample breeding facilities such as a good sized Avery or cage are with breeding box that shield them from cold or danger. The birds work together in caring for the eggs, although the female sits most of the time. The hatch time should be about three weeks where-as she will know if the egg is good or not. In which case the female will toss out or break ones not fertile.

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