Parrotlets Are a Small Parrot
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Parrotlets Are a Small Parrot

Parrotlets are a small parrot that has the qualities of a large parrot in a small package. They make great pets for just about everyone that loves birds. Their personality is great and they are not as hard to handle as some of the larger parrots. They will do fine if left alone for short periods of time as long as the have plenty of toys.

Parrotlets are small parrots with great personalities, small size, colorful feathers, comical behavior and a quiet voice and they are getting popular as pets.  They are a very small parrot and when grown they will usually be around 6 inches long. Parrotlets have all the virtues and some of the vices of large parrots.

Parrotlets have seven separate species, five of the species are found in the United States, and only three species are usually kept as pets.  When Parrotlets are hand fed, they become very devoted companions who enjoy spending time with their owners.

They can learn to talk and they are very comical when playing with their toys.  They also entertain their owners with their acrobatics of hanging by their beaks and toes.

They entertain themselves all day with their toys while their owner is at work or gone.  When their owner returns they will chirp a welcome greeting and they will want to come out and get into a pocket or hide in their owners' hair.

The Pacific Parrotlet is the most popular species of Parrotlet kept as a pet.  Most Pacific Parrotlets have a well-deserved reputation of being feisty and bold.  They have a large parrot personality in a small parrot's body.  They can be very stubborn and are usually fearless little birds.  They can be very loving and devoted to their owners.  They make good pets for someone who will spend time with them.

Your Parrotlet will need a cage that is at least 18x18x18 inches in size and the bars should be ½ inch apart.  Parrotlets do best in a cage that is longer than it is tall so there can be a large number of perches and toys.  The perches and toys should be able to be removed for cleaning.  Sometimes they will tear up their toys and they will need to be replaced.

Parrotlets love to play and they love all types of toys.  Their favorite toys are those that are made of leather, rawhide, wood and rope.    They like swings and some Parrotlets will sleep at night on their swing.  They love to untie knots, chew on the beads and attack bells.  You must make sure you get your bird toys that are safe for him.

Buy your Parrotlet toys made for cockatiels or small parrots like Conures.  These toys will be safe and durable for your Parrotlet.

Being very active birds they require allot of food for their size.  Parrotlets have huge appetites and they will eat more than larger birds. There are food mixes made just for Parrotlets.  They can also eat a good quality small hook bill or cockatiel seed mix with sunflower seeds or a pellet diet instead of seeds.

They will require fresh fruits, vegetables and greens every day.  They should eat whole grain breads, cooked legumes, root vegetables and grains.  They will also eat sprouted seeds and high protein foods such as hard-boiled eggs with the shell.  Be sure to provide your bird with fresh water everyday.  They will also need a mineral block and cuttlebone made available to them at all times.

You should sprinkle vitamins on their fruits and vegetables several times a week.  Parrotlets on pelleted diets should not be fed extra vitamins, as this will cause health problems.

Parrotlets should be kept as single pets as this will avoid jealousy and aggression.  Parrotlets do not want company.  They are territorial and defensive of their cage.  They do make great pet birds with the proper care.

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Parrotlets sound like an intersting pet for people who love birds.