Mynah Birds Make Awesome Pets
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Mynah Birds Make Awesome Pets

Mynah birds are great pets. Their talking ability is great. They mimic voices and they are so good at it they sound just like the person they are mimicing. They have been kept as pets for years. They were even considered sacred in India at one time. They are not a large bird. Their glossy blace feathers are beautiful with hues of purple, green and turquoise.

Mynah birds have been popular for a long time as pets.  They were pets for aristocratic families in ancient Greece and for over 2,000 years the mynah bird was considered to be sacred in India. Nowadays the mynah’s abilities as an imitator has made him popular and the most interesting of all cage birds kept as a pet.

The mynah bird has the reputation of being a great talker all over the world.  They sound just like the voice they are mimicking.   Some people say they are better at talking than the African gray parrot.

They can vary in size for 9 ½ to 12 inches in length.  The Grater Indian Hill and the Java Hill are the birds that are usually kept as pets.  The Java is usually larger than the Greater Indian and is usually much louder.    They all have beautiful glossy black feathers.  When the light shines on them you can see the sheen of iridescent purple, turquoise and green. 

Mynah birds do not walk but get around by hopping from place to place.  They will hop from side to side so you must provide your mynah bird with a cage that he can hop back and forth in.   A good size for his cage would be at least 3 to 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet high.  The cage should be placed in an area where he will be around people. Never place his cage in direct sunlight or where he will be in a draft. You can place his cage near a window where he will get a lot of natural light. 

Your mynah bird must have a lot of perches in his cage so he can do his hopping.  Perches of different sizes as they will be best for him.  The perches should be made of wood and never get rope or cloth covered perches as they will cause problems for your bird.

You can cover your mynah’s cage at night or you can put a small cardboard box at the bottom of the cage for him to sleep in.  Your mynah bird would be happier if you put a permanent nest box in the cage for sleeping.  When your bird is sleepy he will stretch and yawn and go to his nest box to sleep.  Mynah birds take short naps during the day but they will sleep all night.

It might be a challenge to find toys for your mynah as most bird toys are made for parrots and parakeets and are not suitable for mynahs.   Baby and cat toys will work well.  Mynahs like baby rattles that hang from a perch.  Take some of them apart as the mynah bird likes to pick things up and carrying them around.

If you decide on a mynah bird as a pet you will really be happy and get hours of entertainment and enjoyment from him.

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Very excellent report on Mynah birds. They are very charming pets. I love them. Thank you Norma.