How to Pick the Right Domesticated Goose Breed
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How to Pick the Right Domesticated Goose Breed

A list of the most popular domesticated goose breeds that might be of help to soon-to-be geese breeders.

Are you planning to start your own backyard geese business? Or, you just wanted to raise domesticated geese for a hobby? If so, then, it’s very important to know how to choose the right breed of goose. You must take into consideration that there are several geese breeds each with its own goose breed characteristics. Listed below are nine popular goose breeds for you to pick from.

Chinese Goose Breed

Image source

A popular pick among geese breeders, the Chinese goose breed is relatively smaller than other breeds (except the Egyptian goose). Adult males average between 10 to 12 pounds while females can weigh up to 10 pounds.

Toulouse Goose Breed

Image source

A large goose breed that originated from France, the Toulouse goose breed is a good source for meat. These geese are characterized by their large orange bill, brown eyes and dark gray plumage. Typical male Toulouse can weigh up to 26 pounds while females which are smaller can reach 20 pounds.

Embden Goose Breed

Image source

If you are planning to raise geese for egg production, then the Embden goose breed is an excellent choice. Originating from Germany, this white-feathered goose breed is smaller than the Toulouse goose breed. Adult males average between 20 to 26 pounds. Females which are leaner can weigh up to 20 pounds.

African Goose Breed

Image source

African goose breed is an excellent egg-producing goose breed. This breed is taller than the Emden and the Toulouse goose breeds, but are more leaner. A typical adult male can weigh 20 pounds while an adult female can reach 18 pounds. African goose breed has brown plumage, a gray to black bill, and sports a knob on its head.

Canada Goose Breed

Image source

A much lighter goose breed, the Canada goose breed typically weighs around 12 pounds. Since the breed is mostly raised in North America, interested breeders must apply a goose ownership permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Buff Goose Breed

Image Source

Though a poor choice for egg production, the Buff geese breed is well-known for its meat. Buffs typically sport an off-white or sometimes beige plumage. Adult males can reach up to 18 pounds in weight while females average 16 pounds.

Pilgrim Goose Breed

Image source

A Pilgrim goose breed is another excellent source for meat. A medium-sized goose, males average 14 pounds and females around 2 pound less. Males can be distinguished by their white plumage while females come in gray.

Sebastopol Goose Breed

Image source

Sporting white fancy feathers, the Sebastopol goose breed is primarily raised for ornamental purposes. This breed is distinguished by its long, smooth, curly white plumage. A medium-sized goose breed, males average 14 pounds while females can weigh between 10 to 12 pounds.

Egyptian Goose Breed

Image source

The Egyptian goose is another goose breed raised mostly for ornamental purposes. A small goose breed, males average 10 pounds while females about 8 pounds. They have gray-and-black plumage.

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Comments (8)

Excellent pictures and information! Voted up!

Interesting to read, and the pics are nice.

This is really great.

Ranked #1 in Birds

Honestly Paps, I hate goose. They chase people around. LOL! Seriously, you presented good information equipped with beautiful photos...

I like geese and learned so much from your well presented article.voted up.

Christine Ramsay

What beautiful creatures and so many breeds. A great article.

My husband will find this interesting. But I think I will stay away from geese. I was chased by one many years ago. LOL. Another good job paps.

I wish we were allowed to keep poultry in our city. No chickens and I suspect no geese too.