Chicken Coop Plans
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Chicken Coop Plans

How to build a simple chicken coop. Finding free chicken coop plans.

With all the concern over the safety of the world food supply many people are opting to raise as much of their own food as they can. One thing most people do not think about is raising small animals that can be used for either food or other products in a small space. Raising chickens is one of those things most people assume can only be done on a farm, or out in the country. This is not so; many cities and towns will allow up to 3 birds, contained of course, in the yard of most homes. Chickens are not hard or expensive to raise, and can be used for meat, eggs, or the feathers can be used to create fashions or children’s crafts, or possibly even used to stuff a pillow if one is not allergic to them.

There are many ways to build a chicken coop without spending a small fortune, or a huge amount of time on it. If you already have a free standing shed in your yard that you can move things out of, then you can use that for the enclosed part. If you fasten the doors in the open position then you can use 2" by 4" boards to build a simple three sided cage, fourth side will be open and place towards the ground, that you can push up against the shed, the end farthest from the shed should be hinged so you can lift it up to go in and check for eggs.

Another idea for a simple, medium sized, chicken coop would be to take a large dog house and use pound into the ground fence posts along with either chain link or metal fence panels to build an enclosure around it, making sure you have a gate or some other way to get into it to feed and check for eggs or chicks. One could a sunscreen top such as is used to dog kennels to cover the top and protect the birds from sun or heat.

There are many free plans available on the internet, and most use materials or things you already have around your place, like the shed mentioned above., and are just a few of the sites that contain good free do it yourself plans that will not cost you an arm and a leg. They give good detailed instructions and materials lists so you do not have to worry about getting almost finished and finding that you need another piece of wood or a fastener to complete the job.

If you cannot find free chicken coop plans you like, then check out the ones that are for sale either in your local home improvement store, or on line. Look at the materials list and price out all the items that is asks for. If you cannot look at the parts list before you commit to buying the plans, then move on to the next set of plans. Anything that does not let you figure out upfront what your costs will be is not worth having. Any good plan will acknowledge that just having the parts does not tell you how to build it, and prices do vary from store to store and in different parts of the country or world.

If all else fails, sit down and draw up your own idea of what you think a chicken coop should be, just make sure it is something you can build. Then look at the amount of wood and other supplies you will need such as chicken wire, hinges, door fasteners, top screening, and so on. If you want to be able to move it around so that the birds can have fresh grass to scratch and can eat all your bugs, then you will want to include some wheels on it, or at least some way to move it around without tearing it apart. The bottom line is to keep the chickens happy and healthy, otherwise there will be no eggs or chicks (which can be sold or turned into dinner) and most would agree that these are the reasons people raise chickens.

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