Caring for Your Hawk-Headed Parrot
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Caring for Your Hawk-Headed Parrot

Hawk-headed parrots are great pets and they need a variety of healthy foods. They will need to be fed pellets that are formulated for them and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also use dehydrated fruits and vegetables and they work out get and do not spoil. Some parrots love to crunch them.

Hawk headed parrots should always have a variety of healthy foods so they can be healthy.  At least 20 to 40 percent of their diet should be a good quality pellet and the other 60 to 80 percent of their diet should be fresh or dehydrated vegetables, a seed blend, beans, rice and a small amount of fruit.  Never give your parrot alcohol avocado because these things will kill your parrot.  Also, do not feed asparagus, eggplant, cabbage, caffeine products, junk food, milk products, raw potato and rhubarb.  Parrots that have a variety of fresh health foods are much happier and healthier.

When fret frits and vegetables are not available dehydrated fruits and vegetables work great.  Many birds love to crunch on dried fruits and vegetables.  The best thing about dehydrated fruits and vegetables is that they will not spoil and you can leave them in the cage for hours or even days.  This is great when you are trying to get your bird to eat fruits and vegetables.

Give your parrot bath water in the morning and leave the water in the cage for 1 to 2 hours.  When the weather is warm, you can also give him bath water in the evening.  It is best if you use a water bottle for his drinking water.  If you parrot has never used a water bottle you may have to put a dish of water in the cage for him until he gets used to drinking from the bottle.  Get a water bottle that has a wire to attach it instead of a spring, as this will work better.

The Hawk headed parrot will need a lot of room to climb and play so his cage must be large.  They also like many toys and the toys will need to be changed so the parrot does not get bored.

You parrot will need a large Macaw or Cockatoo size cage with a 1 inch or less space between the bars. The cage should be at least a 36x24x50 inches in size.  If you parrot is going to be left home alone all day he will need enough room for a lot of toys and room so he can swing and play so he can keep himself entertained.

A cage that has a playpen on the top is perfect for your Hawk head parrot to play on when you are home.  The more room the Hawk head has the better he will like it.

A Hawk head parrot will make some people a great pet and he will give hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

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