Cage and Space Requirements of the Zebra Finch Birds
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Cage and Space Requirements of the Zebra Finch Birds

Having birds in the house can be very heartwarming. Finches are very tiny birds with big, active personalities. Care of the zebra finch begins with an adequate size cage or aviary so the bird can freely fly from side to side adequately.

The finch is a very active tiny bird and one of those special breeds for the avid bird lover. I have had a couple of finches and could not believe how much energy these tiny birds do have. One of the varieties of finch is the zebra finch. The zebra finch is one of those small active birds that are native to Australia. Female zebra finches are usually gray, while the males are more colorful, with patches of orange on their cheeks, black and white striping on their chests and brown spots on their wings. It is important to know the cage and space requirements of the zebra finch birds.  Although finches can make delightful pets, they do not bond with humans and are meant to be admired for their beauty, soft chirping and charming habits. They also make great beginner birds for the new breeder.

Zebra finches are very lively birds and enjoy flying, an activity they do engage in for most of the day. If you wish to keep your finches happy and healthy, it is necessary to provide them with the largest amount of space you can, whether in an aviary or a cage. Further, because zebra finches are extremely social birds, they need company of at least one other zebra finch. And, of course, the more birds you have, the more space you’ll need.

An aviary is a large walk-in cage. It can be the size of a cupboard or the size of a small room that will provide your finches with ample flying space. Because buying an aviary can be rather expensive, some people choose to build their own. You can locate your aviary indoors or outdoors, although an outdoor aviary will need to be protected from harsh weather, sun and predators. Ideally your aviary should have a doubled door, make it more difficult for the birds to escape when you enter or exit.

If an aviary is not feasible, provide a cage that is a minimum of 20 inches across, though larger is better. A pair of finches will need a cage that is at least 28 inches across, 18 inches deep and 18 inches high for comfortable flying space. Keep in mind that the width of the cage is more important than height as finches will fly horizontally far more often than up and down. Make certain the bars on the cage are small, spaced no more than half an inch apart. Avoid brass cages, since brass can be toxic to the birds.

Keep your finch cage or aviary out of high traffic areas and away from drafts, sun and excess noise. Do not position the cage or aviary anywhere near the kitchen. Cooking smoke and fumes from nonstick cookware can injure or even kill the birds. Food and water dishes are necessary accessories, as well as a swing and bird bath. Supply several perches of varying sizes and materials to provide the finches with places to land. Perches can also help keep beaks and nails trim. Position the perches in front of food and water dishes, but not above them. Additionally, you should include nests in the cage or aviary to give your finches a sense of security. Be certain when adding accessories that you are not overcrowding the space. Your finches should be able to fly from one end to the other with no obstacles in the way.

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