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Blue Quaker Parrots As Pets

Blue Quaker parrots are beautiful birds. They are not the best parrot for everyone. They will scream a lot if they are bored or unhappy. They are one of the few parrots that love their cage and want to stay in it. If you try to get them out of their cage and they do not want to come out they will bite you.

Blue Quaker parrots are beautiful birds but they can be territorial.  They are one of the parrots that love their cage and they will protect it.  They can love their cage so much that when you put your hands in the cage to get your bird out of the cage he will scream and bite you.  They can also be irritating because they do scream a lot.

Sometimes when a Blue Quaker parrot gets bored, he will pull out his feathers.  Blue Quaker parrots love their home and if they are not happy with it they will become cranky and can start to pull out their feathers.  Other causes of the Blue Quaker parrot pulling out his feathers are a poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise or stress.

Many diseases will cause your parrot to pull out his feathers.   If your parrot starts, pulling out his feathers you should have him checked out by a veterinarian to determine if he is doing it because he is unhappy and stressed or because he has a medical problem.

Blue Quaker parrots can scream a lot and sometimes their owners are annoyed by the screaming.  They are very vocal birds and it is natural for them to scream.  They should never be punished for screaming and if you do not like a parrot that screams do not get a Blue Quaker parrot.

If you want your bird to quit screaming so much you first have to determine why he is doing it.  Keep tract on when he screams.  Does he scream more when you enter the room or when you leave the room?  Does he scream at something he sees outside the window?  Make sure your Blue Quaker parrot is getting enough sleep as he should get 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

You must also determine if your bird is getting the proper nutrition.  Make sure he is getting lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Do things to distract the bird so he will not scream.  Pay attention to him.  Schedule his training sessions during his screaming times.  This will distract him and lesson his screaming.

Your bird may bite you because he does not want to spend time with you.  He would rather just spend time in his cage and not be disturbed.  If you have a lot of time and patience to train your bird and tend to all his needs a Blue Quaker parrot might be the right parrot for you.  If you do not have, the time and patience do not get a Blue Quaker parrot.

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