Best Wild Bird Feed
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Best Wild Bird Feed

The Best Wild Bird Feed The Best food to give wild birds

There is nothing nicer than seeing a bird table full of squabbling birds, or a tiny blue tit clinging to a swinging bird feeder as it tries to peck away at the contents.

You can give birds left-overs from your Sunday joint, fat or bacon rind but it must be chopped up very small or it might cause the smaller birds to choke. Suet is always good, but it is messy and who eats suet every day.

Local pet shops sell wild bird food in the winter but there are so many it gets confusing, so which are the best?

The best wild bird food around are hulled sunflower seeds,these are kernels which have been mechanically stripped of their shells and they are pure food so they are ideal for all sizes of birds. They do not need to spend time or energy cracking the seeds to remove the meat.

There are different types of sunflower seeds, the normal seeds are small, shelled black-oil seeds which are easy to open and are rich in fat and protein. Nearly every bird that visits bird tables or bird feeders eat black-oil seeds. They work well by themselves or they can be found as the main ingredient in ready-prepared and packaged mixes.

You can also get striped sunflower seeds that are larger and have thicker shells. These are only suitable for the bigger birds who have the strength to crack them open and eat the seeds. Blackbirds and magpies tend to swoop on these if they are put out on bird tables.  Finches, Jays, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers can also handle these seeds.

You can feed most forms of nuts to birds, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds and other nuts are natural, nutricious energy foods for many birds, especially Woodpeckers, Jays and Nuthatches.

The drawback is they are more expensive than sunflower seeds and squirrels also love them. If you put these out for the birds you may find you have visitors other than the feathered kind in your garden. It is not unusual to see a grey squirrel sitting on a bird table scoffing the nuts put out for the birds, they are also used to clinging to tree branches so have no problem clinging on to a net bird feeder which so many of these nuts are packed in.

One of the best treats for blue tits or robins is half a coconut hanging by a string put through a hole in the shell. They absolutely love the white meat inside the shell and they get inside the shell to peck away. Simply cut the coconut in half, pour away the milk and you have two garden treats for the Tits.

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