Basics on Parrot Training
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Basics on Parrot Training

Teaching a parrot to do tricks is fun. Give rewards to reinforce the training,


Parrot’s unique personality and elegant look is what attracts people to make it as pet. This bird pet is an intelligent creature and trainable. The joy that an owner can get in having a parrot pet is when this bird interacts with its owner during playtime and training or bonding moment. The presence of the parrot in the owner’s life can be fully appreciated by the latter if both spend quality time with each other especially during the training session.

It’s a known fact that parrots are capable of talking and doing tricks, if trained to do so. That’s why excited novice owners are always looking forward on teaching their new pets do some tricks.

Training Advantage

The advantage of training your parrot to talk or do tricks is not just limited to the entertainment value that it will show you or your friends. But most importantly, this one on one training session with your pet will surely strengthen the bond between you. This in effect will make it easier for you to manage or handle your bird. Same is true that your parrot will always look forward on bonding with you by positively responding to your training. It also knows that success means treats of its favorite food.

Training Considerations

When training a parrot, always approach it in a positive way. You need to give rewards for its accomplishment in responding to your training instructions. This act will strongly reinforce the training session you have. Keep in mind though that if the parrot does something undesirable or is not responsive to what you want it to do, you can just ignore it. Don’t punish it and avoid showing any negative reaction to what it did. Just have patience and continue the training. It will surely be able to absorb what you’re teaching in due time. Parrots don’t react to punishment, so there’s no use scolding it. You might as well ignore him.

Training Tips

Here are some helpful tips to consider when training a parrot:

• The best way to train a parrot is if you’re relaxed.

• Use positive approach and give rewards. Try to pick his favorite food or toys.

• When training the bird, make sure that he is not distracted by any other things so you can have his full attention.

• Train only a few minutes at a time but several times per day. This one is more effective.

• Make the training fun as if you’re only playing with your pet.

Having learned these tips will make it easy for you to set a fun and enjoyable training time with your parrot. This will make you even realized that the amount you spend in caring for the bird is nothing compared to the joy it brings you.

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good tips, parrots are smart animals - they learn well. People who do not have a lot of time should not get a bird like a Parrot for a pet.