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The Passenger Pigeon was once one of the most numerous bird breeds in North America and quite possibly the entire world. There were once so many passenger pigeons that when a flock would fly by the entire sky would darken. It is said that their flocks could measure up to a mile long and 3 miles wide. Once the Europeans arrived in America however those numbers began to radically change.
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BirdFeeder is an online store that carries a huge selection of backyard birdfeeders, bird baths, wild bird food and other wild bird supplies. BirdFeeder also sells squirrel feeds and houses. At BirdFeeder, shoppers can find: Bird Feeders Bird Seed, Suet, & Foods Bird Houses Bird Baths Birding Accessories Squirrel & Critters
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Duncraft sells all types of backyard bird feeders. Their birdfeeders are beautiful, high quality and innovative. Birding or bird watching is the second largest hobby in America with 48 million people bird watching. Anyone can enjoy this hobby from a wildlife reserve to their own backyard. Duncraft sells much more than just bird feeders, their product line includes: Bird Feeders Bird Houses Bird Baths Bird Food, Suet and Foods Squirrel Baffles and Guards Eco-Friendly Products Butterflies...
Published by Sam Montana 60 months ago in Birds | +2 votes | 0 comments is an online store that carries a huge assortment of bird feeders and accessories for a very competitive price. carries four of the best brands of bird feeders in the world,  Perky Pet, Birdscapes, Garden Song and Avant Garden. also offers bird feeder parts and has a fantastic Design-A-Feeder feature that allows customers to design their own bird feeder. In addition, also offers lots of great inform...
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This article looks at Rainbow Lorikeets and their flight behaviour in the wild.They have certain ways about them they are instilled as a kind that protects themselves from predators. The lorikeet is blessed with a rapid flight and they are seen in pairs or in a flock . Within the city people may like to breed from this little character. They make great pets and can whistle and can be taught to talk as well.
Published by Peter Curtis 63 months ago in Birds | +10 votes | 0 comments
The ostrich is one of the strangest animals on the Earth. It is unique to Africa and only seen in other countries in Zoos. Ostriches and their eggs are very large. In fact, the ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth, they can grow taller than a human. Despite the large size of ostriches, they are still able to outrun most of their predators.
Published by Gerard 64 months ago in Birds | +12 votes | 5 comments
What do baby pigeons look like? How come you do not see baby pigeons? How long does it take for pigeon eggs to hatch? How many babies do pigeons have? How to care for pigeons? How to raise pigeons? What to do if a pigeon falls out of the nest? How do adult pigeons care for their young?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 64 months ago in Birds | +11 votes | 4 comments
When spring approaches, the songbirds begin arrivng to our backyards with the hopes of building nests and raising their young. You can help them find nesting materials by offering some very common items around the house. This article explains what those common nesting materials are and how to attract backyard birds to them.
Published by Sandy James 66 months ago in Birds | +40 votes | 17 comments
Parrotlets are a small parrot that has the qualities of a large parrot in a small package. They make great pets for just about everyone that loves birds. Their personality is great and they are not as hard to handle as some of the larger parrots. They will do fine if left alone for short periods of time as long as the have plenty of toys.
Published by norlaw 66 months ago in Birds | +1 votes | 0 comments
Red Bellied Parrots are a small African parrot that is very loveable and social. They love to be around people. They will imitate human voices before they are weaned. They are usually able to say a few words when they are three months old. They love to talk, whistle and show off.
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How to prepare a chicken to go to a show. How to bathe a chicken. How to select which chickens should be taken to a poultry show, 4H competition, or country fair. How to get chickens ready to go to a show to be judged. How to show your chickens. Showing chickens can be rewarding, tips for the person who is going to their first show.
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Blue Quaker parrots are beautiful birds. They are not the best parrot for everyone. They will scream a lot if they are bored or unhappy. They are one of the few parrots that love their cage and want to stay in it. If you try to get them out of their cage and they do not want to come out they will bite you.
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How to treat a hen pecked hen. How to treat a wound on a chicken. How to treat an injury on a hen that was caused by an aggressive rooster. Home remedies for injured poultry. How to prevent hen pecking in a flock of chickens. How to reduce chances of infection in chickens. Tips on care for backyard chickens.
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 66 months ago in Birds | +7 votes | 3 comments
Duncraft; Celebrating 60 Years in Business      Duncraft began selling birdfeeders in 1952, when Gil Dun designed ans began to sell his first revolutionary bird feeder, the 'Flight Deck'. Completely original in design, this intriguing feeder attatched to a window, bringing the birds into crystal clear view just inches away from the viewer, and allowing close-up observation of bird's habits and beauty.      The first marketing Gil did was a tiny ad in the New Yorke...
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I am writing this article with deep sorrow for the death of an amazing bird which has been a great companion for nearly seven years of my life. Apart from being a tribute to the life of my albino budgerigar Rooney, I wish to express how enjoyable a budgerigar can be as a pet for children and adults alike. The small white bird by the name of Rooney, which had featured in one-third of my life, passed away on the 19th April 2012. I found him lying lifeless on the bottom of the cage. In order for hi...
Published by Braden Galea 67 months ago in Birds | +3 votes | 1 comments