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Looking at a pet bird can somewhat give you a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Prior to getting a bird, try to consider certain pointers that will guide you in choosing the best bird type for you.
Published by Marky Chavez 96 months ago in Birds | +0 votes | 0 comments
Birds are among the most diverse and most colorful animals in the world. HereÂ’s a list of some of the prettiest and most brilliantly-colored birds in the world.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 96 months ago in Birds | +14 votes | 8 comments
Lovebirds are great pets. They are entertaining and can brighten up even your worst mood. If you wanted to have one, here's a guide on where to buy lovebirds and how.
Published by Marky Chavez 97 months ago in Birds | +2 votes | 0 comments
Would you like to intensify your passion for raising birds while you earn money? Try the raising pet birds for profit. It all worth it.
Published by Marky Chavez 97 months ago in Birds | +3 votes | 3 comments
There are some things that you can do for your pet bird. Here are some ways to know if your pet bird is sick.
Published by Athena Goodlight 97 months ago in Birds | +8 votes | 2 comments
Turkeys were originally from Mexico and eastern United States. It later got to Europe in the 20th Century.
Published by Godwill 101 months ago in Birds | +9 votes | 5 comments
Chicken poultry farming is one of the highly prospering businesses in recent times. This is because of the demand for poultry egg and meat.
Published by Godwill 101 months ago in Birds | +17 votes | 4 comments
People wonder just where do eggs come from. Sure they come from chickens (hens to be specific), but how do the develop while inside the hen?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 101 months ago in Birds | +15 votes | 23 comments
The weka is a flightless bird, native to New Zealand.
Published by Val Mills 102 months ago in Birds | +4 votes | 4 comments
animals, bird, bird of paradise, birds, courting birds, crane, dancing manakin, demoiselle crane, manakin, nature, superb,
Published by MgaArtikuloNiGigi 104 months ago in Birds | +0 votes | 1 comments
Through out history animals have been blamed for incidents of massive human death.
Published by Martha lownsberry 105 months ago in Birds | +1 votes | 3 comments
Published by Sophie 106 months ago in Birds | +1 votes | 3 comments
Puffins often 'kiss' with their Mate
Published by Marie Milton 110 months ago in Birds | +7 votes | 6 comments
How do chickens mate? This article will describe how chickens actually mate. Includes how do hens and roosters mate. Some of this might be surprising to those that do not know how this process works.
Published by Peaches Jones 111 months ago in Birds | +5 votes | 16 comments
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